Last Day of Vacation + Alaska Links

moose mooseday

Well my friends, the vacation is over.  I drove my sister and mom to the airport early Sunday morning and have kind of been in a haze ever since.  Like I said before, these girls are not only my family but my best friends; it hurts more and more every time we have to say goodbye.  I must admit though, the trip was a success and I’ll give you the links of everything we squeezed in the short five day trip…you know, in case you want to plan an Alaska trip of your own!

Earthquake Park

Thunder Bird Falls

The Bodenburg Butte

Eklutna Lake

Portage Glacier Cruise

Byron Glacier Trail

Eagle River Nature Center

By Saturday I had given up hope for Amanda and my mom to see a moose in person; after all it took me almost two months of living here to see my first one…five days was a stretch!  But on our way to the nature center we saw this little guy chomping away at the vegetation (right on the edge of the road!).  We were only a lane away from him and luckily he didn’t seem to mind us snapping some pictures.  After that we tried to hike the trails around the nature center, but the mosquitos were at their worst.  If you ever do visit be sure to buy bug spray!  We conceded the moose was enough of a victory for the day and had a lazy Saturday afternoon and evening.

I do hope you enjoyed seeing the best of our vacation.  I had so so much fun and I can’t wait to plan their next visit (next summer!).



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    We had a great time and the best tour guide ever!!!!!!!

    1. Awww thank you =)

  2. I know the time flew by too quickly! 😦

    1. Crazy how that happens!!

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