My Happy List


Have you seen this?  I am so into Emily Faulstich Du Preez‘s aesthetic, and her compiled “Ultimate Happy List” is no exception.  While fawning over her 1,200 happy things, I decided that I should make my own.  What would your happy list include?



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Working on it!!!!!!!

  2. Love this! I think you forgot one- Simon cuddles! Lola would def be on mine.

    1. Simon is a given!!!! And he’s been oh so cuddly lately =)

  3. Love this – we have a lot of overlap! I would add dinner on patios, that’s my favorite thing about summer! I wait for it all year.

    1. Fun! That sounds like a worthy addition =)

  4. Chrissy · · Reply

    That is a lovely list you have there! You made me feel like I was in a meadow, wearing a sweatshirt, while getting a back scratch:)

    1. Thanks Miss Chrissy! Nice to see you visit the ole blog 😉

  5. love this idea. I’ll have to start mentally working on a list. (and I 100% agree on cold pizza).

    1. You totally should! 😉

  6. what a nice thing to ponder….happy happy happy

    1. Happy happy! What would be on your list, lovely??

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