Two Years and Counting


Ethan has officially been a soldier for two years, and I’m thinking to myself how has all that time flown by!!  Two years ago we started long distance; two years ago I told him he was the one I wanted to marry.  One year ago we were still getting settled into married life!  And now, as in tomorrow, it will be one year and 364 days until we kiss the military goodbye and move hoooome.  One year and 364  days until Ethan can have hair again and maybe that soul patch I miss so much!

It’s the halfway mark, my friends.  And we’ve done good so far…I imagine the second half will fly by as well.  The photo above is his army portrait from boot camp, when I hardly recognized him with fresh meat on his bones and that clean shaven face!  My, my…where does the time go.



  1. YAY on the halfway point!! The next two years will go back quickly too!!

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Can’t believe it!!!!! Two down and less than two to go!!!!!!

    1. You better believe it!! One of us has too!!

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