On the Cooler Side

onthecoolersideYesterday I milled around the apartment in a sweatshirt.  I left the windows open for the most beautiful breeze to sweep through, something I’m thanking the massive gray clouds for that seemed to lurk just west of us all week.  It doesn’t feel like August, but more like late September in the Midwest.  It paired nicely with Simon’s love-y side — snuggles under the covers, cuddles on the couch, lots of kisses and playtime.  He’s such my little puppy son.  Though he’s been a stinker lately when it comes to eating and going for walks.  He’s going to be two soon and it makes my heart ache!!  I wish I had adopted him as a baby and he wouldn’t have run wild for all those six months.  But I hope my loving now makes up for that.

I wrote many words as I tried to figure out the real format for my latest work…one that made sense to the story and I think I’ve found it.  I had been dragging my feet since before my mom and sister came, unsure of what to write next.  But now it seems the story is coming more fluidly than before.  It’s the perfect summer story, in my very humble opinion.  And very dear to my heart.  When I wasn’t writing, I was reading.  Well, rereading Practical Magic.  It is just one of those books that I could experience again and again never tire of.  Maybe because I already loved the characters.  Anyway, I ordered it in paperback…it is just too good to read only on my nook.  It arrived just as I finished my digital version and I can confidently say I’ll probably read it again in October.  It got me craving lace-up boots and black again…I definitely have to feed my little witch side.

I hope we make fun weekend plans, but with us I’m sure we’ll hole up at home and write and read and watch Batman movies.  Maybe a McRomance or too for Monopoly (guilty of playing this year!).  Happy Friday!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Happy Friday to you my dear!!!!! Enjoy your wonderful hubby and puppy son!!!!!!

    1. Thank you, I will!!

  2. I have been going to McDonalds to play monopoly lately too….I keep imagining the lady at the window handing me out a big bag full of money (like on the commercial)….wouldn’t that be awesome!!??

    1. We pretty much are missing one game piece from every color…it’s bogus, but addicting!

  3. i can’t believe i haven’t read that book….definitely a favorite movie.
    i think it will be an early fall here. nights and mornings have a crispness and the wind is beginning to lose its warmth. not sure i’m ready for fall :/

    1. It’s an easy one to overlook. I honestly never realized it was based off a novel until I paid more attention to the opening credits. New author I love, that Alice Hoffman. I felt some cooler weather today, and I must admit I enjoyed it! I wouldn’t mind a longer fall this year…and a short short winter!!

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