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tickets nillas

The gloom and rain has hit Alaska!  And I am not happy about it.  While bloggers and tweeters in the continental US are posting about their readiness for fall, I’m still feeling empty from only two months of summer temps.  August is for sweating on your walk to campus after all!!

Anyway, this weekend Ethan and I treated ourselves to Elysium in IMAX.  And boy, it did not disappoint!  I admit I was a little skeptical the first time I saw previews…I like to think of Earth’s future as a happy one, not how it is often portrayed in science fiction.  But when I heard it was by the same dude who made District 9 I became quite intrigued.  And although Matt Damon is mocked around this place (think of Team America‘s portrayal), he really is a great actor.  So, Elysium is basically about Earth in the future, divided by two district classes segregated by space.  The working class and unemployed citizens are trapped on a crumbling Earth, where everything looks likea landfill and everyone has tattoos.  The rich are tucked away on the space station Elysium which is green and lovely and has the capability of curing all disease, illness, and injury.  We meet Max (Damon’s character) as a little boy struggling to accept his fate on Earth, when he admires Elysium just beyond the atmosphere.  When Max grows up, the audience gets a real and terrifying taste about Earth– robotic police force and all.  After a horrific work-related accident that shortened Max’s life to just five more days, he finds himself even more compelled to buy a ticket to paradise.  Because not just anyone can reap the benefits of Elysium, Max agrees to a dangerous mission that goes from bad to worse to downright lethal.  Throughout Max’s struggles, the audience sees that not everything is perfect on the other side including a potential coup, corrupt mercenaries, and everything that embodies Secretary Jessica Delacourt, played by Jodie Foster.  Go see it if you can!

Also, I had a great thought as to how to dress up my Greek yogurt snacks…with crumbled Nilla Wafers (the reduced fat kind).  Really, really tasty!

How was your weekend?  Did you too go to the movies or was the weather perfect for something outdoorsy?  Have a happy Monday!



  1. I love to put granola into yogurt too!! YUM YUM!!

    1. I’ll try that next!!

  2. YUMMMMM. It has been a very weird August here in CA. While it’s still been nice, it has been a lot cooler than normal. I kind of feel gypped this year too!

    1. Bummer!!! Enjoy what you can =)

  3. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I am glad we had wonderful weather on our visit!!!!!

  4. my favorite topping for my fro-yo and breakfast greek yogurt is cereal….just about any kind, but rice krispies and fruity pebbles are my go to 😉

    1. Cereal would be sooo good! Especially Fruity Pebbs…but I think those would be dangerous for an evening snack with milk!

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