Lace Window Screen

windowscreen1 windowscreen2With all the excitement of guests and then getting back into the swing of writing, I totally forgot to share the finished DIY project that was giving me such problems before!  But we sure have been reaping the benefits of having it.  Unlike the image I first loved on Pinterest, I had to make my screen easily removable since we take it out when we leave Simon alone…and for blowing rain and chilly nights of course.  So this design is an upside down U, with a detached bottom piece to secure the sides.  Using little brackets we secured the U with screws, and I simply thumb-tacked the lace panel to the wooden frame (apartment life is temporary after all!).  The wood I used fit perfectly within the existing window frame, so all we have to do is push it into the top and right side before angling the legs into place.  We fixed brackets on the outside as well so we could hold onto it easier.  Eventually I’ll paint the wood white, but for now it works great!  I’d love to have these lace screens as permanent fixtures in our future home.  They do the job while looking extra pretty!




  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply


    1. Thanks for helping!!

  2. How pretty!

  3. Wow…great job!! Very pretty!!

  4. how lovely! nice work lady 🙂

  5. Ok this is such a pretty idea! Love the way it turned out.

    1. Thanks so much!

  6. Giovanna · · Reply

    Oh wow!! Beautiful photos! That would be such an amazing hike to do!


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