Hatcher’s Pass


Yesterday I went on a hike near Palmer, what is known as Hatcher’s Pass.  It is a grouping of trails up in the mountains with abandoned buildings and railroad tracks and tunnels.  The clouds rolled in as we started the hike and they just kept coming…so much so that we had to forgo hiking to a hidden lake because we would have easily lost our way.  I am not sure my photos do those clouds justice…it felt like a dream!  Happy Friday!


| upstream | downstream |

hatcherspass5 hatcherspass6 hatcherspass7 hatcherspass8



  1. How gorgeous–living in SF has definitely made me a fan of fog!

    1. It definitely made the whole place feel haunting!

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Wow!!!!!!! How amazing!!!!!!

    1. Yay! Glad you like!

  3. Very cool pics!! Hope you get to resume your hike soon….looks very intriguing!!

    1. I’d like to, definitely!!

  4. so beautiful! I wish there was pretty places like that to go hiking around here.

    1. Well I always heard wonderful things about the Konza Prairie. It’s a bit of a drive from Fort Riley, but might be worth it on a perfect fall day!

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