That Summer

Hello.  I’m sorry for not having a post yesterday.  I’m beginning to realize I don’t like blogging when my weekends are quiet (I’d sound like a broken record giving similar Monday reports!).  The weekend was mostly dreary with lots of rain, and so we stayed in, ate terribly and watched Batman Forever.  Yesterday the rain still hadn’t quit, so I divvied up my day with reading and writing.  Big shocker, right?

I realized while revising yesterday that this new book of mine is vastly different from my first.  While it felt good to get a real story down on paper, my first book was quite detached from my personal life.  My second is the complete opposite.  And though I wouldn’t call it a memoir, I used my own life experiences as my inspiration.  And it reflects my life exactly at this moment…what I’ve been going through and dealing with.

While the characters are different and scenario has changed, my new book is about that summer when everything changes.  Did you have a summer like that?  Although my own summer isn’t as extreme as what I’ve written, I can say that I did.  I had a summer when I realized I was growing up.  It happened for me much later than I expect it does for most people.  I was what they call a late bloomer.

But when it happens doesn’t matter.  Just that it happens.

And for me it was so bittersweet, I didn’t know how to handle it.

24,132 and counting.  I am torn on whether or not I think agents/publishers/readers will appreciate this work, but I’m going to keep writing regardless.  It is almost therapeutic.

P.S. It’s Simon’s birthday today!!  Somehow it snuck up on me this year, so he’ll be getting extra cookies and kisses until I find a special biscuit somewhere.



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Love your new book!!! Happy birthday to Simon!!!!! Give him a big hug and kiss for me!!!!

    1. Already have a million times =)

  2. Happy birthday Simon!!! I wouldn’t say I had a summer like that, but there is def a time when you realize things are changing. I think for me it was the first year I was married. Like WOAH, hello responsibility.

    1. Eek, yeah, that whole marriage thing is a big change!!!

  3. Awww….Happy Birthday Simon!! “Growing up”….I am still waiting to grow up….and I am OLD, so you are not a late bloomer!! 😉

    1. Hehe thanks Jayne =)

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