Fall Cravings


Although I recently said somewhere that I was in no way ready for fall, this week has changed that.  After days of cloudy skies, lots of rain, and cooler temperatures there is nothing I want more than a crisp fall day (in the Midwest please!).  It seems however much I love spring, summer, and winter, when fall is waiting in the wings I get really really excited.  It brings back memories of pony rides at Black Forest, gathering fallen leaves for silly bouquets, wearing sweatshirts and going camping with my family.  Sometimes I get a whiff of the air up here and it takes me to Dixon Springs (one of our old haunts)…I always want to find a crackling fire and cozy in for an afternoon of reading in the woods.

Of course none of that will happen for me until I get back home, so I’m stuck with all these pent-up feelings.  And I recently decided that a great way to channel them would be to start increasing my collection of Anthropologie clothing.  I could live in those stores I tell you!  So much happy in each square inch.  And they do the fall season so well.  I’m hoping to add some great pieces to get me through, to keep my spirits up when the dreaded S word arrives.  In an attempt to jumpstart my way into fall I purchased these boots from Nordies on mega sale considering they were Fryes.  Unfortunately they didn’t work out (an issue with the smaller size’s shaft), so before I send them back I’m going to admire their saddle colored leather and fresh smell a little more.

It doesn’t help that my new Pottery Barn catalog had pages dedicated to Halloween too!!!

And while I don’t want to rush what little fall we will have, I am already looking forward to the holidays.  Fingers crossed, Ethan, Simon and I will be able to go home for Thanksgiving.  I’m already dreaming up a future Christmas project that may be a little crazy, but I plan to research it before I start!  And then after that is January when I’ll turn 25…eeek!!!  I think I’ll come back down from la-la-land now and remind myself it’s still August.

2013 is halfway over people!!!  Unbelievable.

What does the onset of fall have you craving??



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Where did the summer go?????

    1. Out the window! Wah!

  2. How am I just now realizing what a baby you are!! Not even 25. I must have forgotten. I am looking forward to fall, but seriously appreciating late summer here in Seattle! I’m off to catch up on soooo many of your posts. I don’t even know where I have been. xoxo

    1. Apparently I’m so mature for my age hehe. Late summer, oh how I wish! Nothing but rain rain rain here. Miss your presence!!

  3. i got that pottery barn calendar too…and it left me craving trick or treaters. in a new house 🙂
    love the picture of the boots; it seems they are sad because you have to send them back and wanted very much for you to keep them 🙂

    1. I was so sad they didn’t work out! I’m going to wish and hope that they restock. Trick or treaters!!! A new house!!! It all sounds so exciting…we didn’t get trick or treaters last year and I was so upset! Silly Alaska & its snowy Octobers.

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