Red Dress

reddressThroughout all of the not-so exciting excitement of Ethan’s surgery, something wonderful happened…my sister got engaged!  Which means a whirlwind of wedding planning is in my future.  While her plan is to have the color red incorporated into her backyard party right now, it could still change.  Regardless, I knew I had to scoop up this striped dress from Anthropologie’s Archival Collection just in case.  It was a little bit of extra happy when I found it leaning against our door when we got home on Wednesday.

We’re having a wedding!!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Very pretty!!!!!!

  2. great dress…and how fun!!

  3. It looked great on you!

  4. I’ve long loved that gorgeous dress!

    1. I can definitely see why they brought it back from the archives!

  5. OMG I have missed so much! Sending positive thoughts and prayers for Ethan’s speedy recovery. He’s so lucky to have such a loving wife by his side. Congrats to your sister! Oh the joys and stresses of wedding planning! Love the dress.

    1. Thank you, Kristen. It’s been a difficult past few weeks!

  6. […] (hopefully when Ethan heals even more he’ll take me out!).  I mean, why not?  And that red dress may have worked a little magic on me because I’m currently waiting for another Anthro […]

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