Ethan’s Follow-Up Appointment

Whew. Yesterday was a full day for us…I can’t believe it has already been a whole week since Ethan was released from the hospital!  We started the day by going on base for a chest x-ray for Ethan.  It was surprisingly painless, which is saying something for the craziness that can ensue there, and we even had time to go to IHOP for a bite of lunch.  Once we were at the office, our nurse practitioner informed us that Ethan’s pulmonary sequestration was extremely classic in nature.  Essentially, the hunk they extracted from his lung was nothing more than old veiny tissue, no signs of cancer and no chance of it ever coming back!  She also told us that while Ethan is healing, he will continue to feel four levels of pain for the coming months: lung pain, obviously because of the incision, but also nerve pain, bone pain, and muscle pain.  My poor Ethan!  We asked about his sleeping habits, swollen ankles, the numbness he is feeling in his chest and his posture, and she gave us suggestions on changes he can make to make himself heal more properly.  She added light arm exercises to his daily to-do list, as well as increasing the amount he walks and the degree he pushes himself while doing his breathing exercises.

His next appointment is on the thirtieth (his birthday!) and we are pretty certain he will be returning to work after that.  Up until then, we will be chilling like we’ve been doing and trying to get this recovery thing over with!  Though it is nice having his company throughout the day.  Thank you again for all the prayers!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Woohoo!!!!!!! Progressing well!!!!!!!

    1. So proud of him, even if he is super stubborn!

  2. yay for good progress!!

  3. Yay!!! Keep after him 🙂

    1. I am, every.single.hour.

  4. Sounds like he is progressing well….I am thankful….he has had an awesome nurse, though to help him along!! 😉

    1. You are so sweet!

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