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haircutForgive me, scissor gods for I have sinned.  It’s been nine months since my last real haircut.

I always feel like I have to apologize to my hairdresser as I sit into her swivel chair.  Explain how cheap I am, or how lazy I was, that I just didn’t pick up the phone, grab the car keys and get my dang hair cut.  This past Saturday was my breaking point…well, I guess two Saturdays ago, really.  After I felt comfortable with Ethan’s progress I looked at my hair and cringed.  I was suffering from the beginnings of a mullet…and while early on I had avoided the salon by clipping it myself (yikes!) I didn’t want to chance anything this time.  So I finally booked an appointment a week in advance and got that crap chopped off.  And boy, what an improvement.  I am now thrilled to report my hair is all one length, and I feel like I’m home free.  Growing it out will now be a piece of cake I tell you!  Not to mention I feel the exact opposite of frumpy.

If you are debating it, just go get your hair cut, ladies.  We all deserve a good trim!

Note:  This week month may feel a little weak blog-post-wise.  Sometimes (and this is one of those times) it is difficult to come up with new content when not much is really happening (especially when I rely on my own photos/life to create content).  Mostly, I’ve been enjoying my time with Ethan and focusing on his healing process, as I should.  Though I don’t want to leave you with a ton of blog silence and lose your lovely attention, things may not be as deep around here as they could be.  But I promise, when things get back to some sort of normal (i.e. Ethan can leave the house and do things with me) great posts will find their way back.



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    So happy you are pleased with the new “do” and that Ethan is doing so well!!!!!

    1. Glad you approve of it too =) Thank goodness for Google Chat.

  2. I am the WORST about getting my hair cut. I literally think I went a year this last time. I was so over it I chopped about 10 inches off and feel like a new person! Def making it a point to go at least every 10 weeks from now on. Isn’t it crazy how much better a good cut can make you feel??

    1. A completely refreshed outlook on myself. I can’t wait to have my hair at least 10 inches long again 😉

  3. we’re in the same boat (and I think most women are) – I’m generally too lazy to go get my hair cut or done!!

    1. Nothing a floppy bun can’t fix! I can’t wait to be lazy with long hair =)

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