Rediscovering My Love of Anthropologie

anthropologiebootsIf you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed my little spree of pinning Anthropologie images.  I must say, after exhausting every other store I know, Anthro is the only one that still holds my interest.  From their home products to their clothing to fun blog posts, I must say I’m wishing for the chance to visit a store and marvel at their lovely displays.  Sadly, there isn’t an Anthropologie anywhere close to me, so I’ve been living through the Internet and my closet to get my fix.

These boots were close to the first purchase I ever made from Anthropologie.  I never actually wore them that much because of how high the heel is!  But I have newly vowed to wear them whenever I feel like getting fancy (hopefully when Ethan heals even more he’ll take me out!).  I mean, why not?  And that red dress may have worked a little magic on me because I’m currently waiting for another Anthro package.

I’ll give you a hint…I ordered more red.



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Can’t wait to take a shopping trip to St. Louis with you!!!!!!

  2. Anthro is my absolute favorite. OMG the thought of not being able to walk into a store as I please sounds so sad. So much eye candy!

    1. I have never lived close enough to one where I had the luxury of just walking in!! Ah the perks of big city life!! Major major eye candy.

  3. Love those boots!!

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