Monthly Archives: October 2013

Happy Halloween Throwback!

Happy Halloweeeeen!!  Although we are keeping relatively quiet again this year, I don’t want you to think I hate dressing up for freakish festivities!  It’s just Alaska makes it a little tough on us to get in the costuming spirit. For today’s throwback Thursday, I wanted to share one of my all time favorite costumes, […]

Book Review | The House of Velvet and Glass

After being so impressed with Deliverance Dane, I found The House of Velvet and Glass, also by Katherine Howe and dove into its chilling story line.  Sibyl Allston is haunted by the death of her sister and mother from the sinking of the Titanic and has to take on role of head of the house while […]

Arctic Valley Road

| Saturday morning drive after breakfast | | zen view through the trees to the mountains | | mirror-like surface of rivers below |