Big News for My Hometown

gonegirlhometown1Oh hey!  I’ve been mostly absent, I know.  But, for good reason.  Now I’m back, and I have some big, exciting news to share from my hometown!  See this shop-front?  It’s about to be famous…as is little ole Cape.  The likes of Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike and Neal Patrick Harris have all been spotted in my hometown because…a little feature film titled Gone Girl is being shot there!!  Have you read it?  I admit I hadn’t, although everyone was buzzing about it for ages…until the word was out that it would indeed be shot Southeast Missouri!!!

It is not often that my hometown gets touched by the light of Hollywood.  My senior year another movie came to town, but it was Kill Shot and no one really cared about it (outside of us of course!)  It had Diane Lane, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Mickey Rourke, but the movie itself was never in theaters and so Cape kinda got snubbed.  Now though, everyone is crazed.  I’m really sad I’m missing it!

So Gone Girl became my next read and I finished so quickly…hello addicting fiction!  I can’t wait to see what they do with Cape, because unlike the book, we are not situated above St. Louis near Hannibal and we are really quite lovely (Rand Elliot…we are not an ugly place!).  Take this little corner property that had sadly been vacant since my high school days.  It is now The Bar, fictitious twins Nick and Margo Dunne’s business funded by missing Mrs. Nick Dunne’s extensive bank account.  I wouldn’t mind if someone took on that name and left the signage once the film crews leave…doesn’t it look so darling, with all the brick, across from the courthouse steps (not pictured)?

Special thanks to my mom and dad who snapped these pictures for me.  You are the best!

gonegirlhometown2 gonegirlhometown3



  1. That building was for sale before all this, I have been telling people that someone should buy it and keep it “The Bar” – I think it’d be very popular!

    1. I agree! Have b&w stills from filming framed on the walls, special drinks named after characters or actors…

  2. Loved the book….Tyler Perry got into Cape yesterday evening!

  3. what! that’s so rad (at first I thought you were going to say Bar Rescue was being filmed in your hometown). it’s making me want to read the book…

    1. Definitely a good read. Not my usual choice of fiction, but under the circumstances… 😉

    1. The excitement of calling a small town home!

  4. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Cape is buzzing!!!!!!!!!

    1. Wish I was there!

  5. So glad you featured this on your blog….how exciting 🙂

  6. Im not a reader and I bought the book and I actually love it!

    1. Yay! It definitely grabs you in the beginning!

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