Amanda + Travis

lily1Don’t engagement sessions make you so happy?  I think it’s so wonderful seeing a couple’s love for each other shine out their faces.  Such is the case for my sister and her fiancé, recently captured by darling Lily Glass.  I discovered Lily’s photography when researching for our wedding, but sadly she was unavailable for our Thursday morning nuptials.  After beginning the discussion with Amanda about her own wedding, I knew Lily would be the perfect choice for them.

Amanda and Travis had their engagement photographs taken on Monday and these are a few sneak peaks from that.  They met Lily in Augusta, Missouri, the location of their first (real) date where they went bicycling together on the Katy Trail.  I cannot imagine a sweeter, more fitting place to capture their joyous love.

lily2lily3Check out Lily’s blog, as well her Facebook page (where I snagged these from!).  Thanks again, Lily!



  1. Awww soooo sweet!

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply


  3. omg adorbs

    1. hehe I know, right!

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