House Hunting From Afar

Hi.  Twenty-two months left.  It’s amazing that that number doesn’t sound too terribly close, but I know– considering how the past years have flown by– it will be here in no time.  It is no surprise (especially if you know me) that I have started the search. THE search.  The thing I have dreamed about most in all of my years than anything else.

Buying our forever home.

After the army, Ethan and I are moving back home.  Back to Cape G where I grew up and my loved ones still live.  I’ve had years to prepare for this, compiling a list of all my favorite houses, but now that it is approaching I’ve found the house hunt much more difficult than my younger self would have anticipated.   Because for one, I am P-I-C-K-Y.  And Ethan doesn’t want to move ever again after we pack up our Alaskan place and head for the Midwest.

When I dream of our dream home I have a tendency of dreaming big.  An abundance of rooms on an oversized lot, without many neighbors, but still close to home.  Ha!  So far a few houses currently for sale are seconds from home, but don’t meet all those other requirements…like original hardwood floors, thick moldings, untouched bathrooms, porches and over three bedrooms.  On that gorgeous country lot.  You know, something with a soul.  A place in history.  I have a tendency of favoring houses downtown, but even in rural Missouri location can instantly up price points, even if they have been renovated in a way that I extremely dislike.  And really, who wants to pour money into a place to just fix renovations you’ve technically already paid for?  Not me.

While I have my heart set on a few, that I will be willing to bend my list of wants/needs for (that aren’t currently on the market), I’ve also been considering the thought…”what if we can’t find the one within our budget?” What level of sacrifice will we be willing to make when it comes to our forever home?

I’ve been researching an alternative.  Something I would never have considered until I found it.  New construction.  But with a twist.  Which is building Early American reproduction homes with all those details I already love and no one before me had the chance of ruining.  If this thought intrigues you as well, here are some great resources I have found so far.  Granted, they all would push our money limits, but it’s still nice to dream.

Rural Connection

Russell Versaci

Connor Homes

Early New England Homes

Vermont Vernacular Design

Classic Colonial Homes



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Can’t wait till we can go shopping to fill your home!!!!

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