Puppy Quirks

puppy quirks

I’m really becoming good at taking three-day weekends aren’t I?  Sorry about that.  I haven’t quite found my groove I guess since Ethan’s returned to work.  Sundays seem to fly by for us, and I usually realize I have nothing to post by ten p.m.  Today I thought I’d share some silly Simon facts, or in other words, his puppy quirks.

~     Simon hates the vacuum.  While his little brother and sister have conquered their fear of the cleaning machine, Simon still is a bundle of nerves anytime I pull it out of the front closet.  In earlier months, I would hold him so he could be above it and out of my way, but he squirmed so much I had to come up with another plan.  Now I plop him on our bed and close our door while I vacuum the front room.  And vice versa when I run through the bedroom.  Isn’t he such a doll?

~     Simon relishes the wind blowing through his silky hair.  He will purposefully scratch the door to go outside when the gusts rattle our windows.  When out for a walk, he’ll stand on a landscaping rock with his face up and eyes closed.  He always looks so satisfied and majestic; it cracks me up.

~     Simon no longer eats from his bowl if it is not placed on our Persian rug.  I used to keep his bowl in the corner near the hallway (out of the way, but still out in the open (if that makes sense)), but he would seldom touch his food.  I experimented with different locations and he likes the rug the best.  Maybe because our table is on the rug as well.  I swear he thinks he’s human.  But then again, I indulge him like he’s my little boy in a dog suit.

~     Skyping makes Simon so sleepy.  Maybe he’s never ready for all the camera-time, but he yawns within the first five minutes of every session guaranteed.  Big bear yawns, too.  He usually falls asleep in my lap while I chat with my parents and Clementine…as if he hadn’t been napping all day already!  Silly Simon.

What are some of your puppy’s quirks?



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Silly, silly boy!!!!!!!

    1. He is most wonderful!

  2. Awww such a sweetie!

  3. Ozzy is quite the character when it comes to the vacuum, he barks at it then runs in a big circle, funniest thing ever. Ozzy’s other favorite thing is he has a favorite blanket that he chews on while I watch TV…too funny. He also has to have his food and water bowl on a rug or towel,plus he won’t eat unless I’m sitting in the same room, what is up with that? And you know Dante eats out of anything as long as its food he doesn’t care how he gets it..lol

  4. this was so sweet to read – esp him loving the wind in his fur! haha. I totally pictured him stopping mid-walk to feel the breeze. too stinkin cute.

    1. Hehe thanks! I have such a silly furry baby.

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