First Frost

first frost1

| anthropologie fair isle sweater coat |

After that crazy snowfall (that lasted a day) the weather here had been pretty nice.  Mild even.  But yesterday was so so cold, and then frost reappeared in the morning.  Good thing I’m prepared for winter’s arrival this time around!

It took me a while to figure out what my winter “uniform” should be.  I had an issue with cold toes last year and always feeling frumpy.  So with the basics already in my closet (my huge North Face coat and skinny jeans (which I still need to patch up)), I decided on a warm under layer that would still be cute if I had to shed my outermost coat and lined boots that have major traction.  The fair isle sweater coat is wool and goes past my bum.  I know that it will keep me toasty.

first frost2| L.L. Bean Shearling-lined Bean Boots |

These duck boots are my first pair from L.L. Bean and I am so so excited.  And they are supposed to keep their warmth down to -20 degree weather!  Also, they satisfy my love for made in the USA goodness.  You can see that Simon approves (at least of the way they smell).  I’m looking to add some cuddl duds, a cream beret, and lined gloves as well.  Then I’ll really be ready!  How are you bulking up your winter wardrobe this season?  Is it even cold enough for you to be thinking about it?

first frost3



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Not ready for winter yet!!!!!!!!

    1. Me neither! But the point is, my closet is!

  2. Oh, that looks so lovely and cosy. Melbourne is having a little flashback to winter this week; I confess I’ve been enjoying so much! Anything is better than the furnace of summer… Well, according to me anyway. Hope you stay warm in the months ahead.

    1. That’s so interesting. Weather patterns are funny and fickle things. Thank you for commenting!

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