This is what progress looks like in needlepointing!  Hi friends.  Three days of needlepointing under my belt and there is not much to show for it!  Quite time-consuming…not much room for me not to concentrate while I’m working.  I think I’ve put a solid six hours into it thus far, and I’m pacing myself on purpose so I don’t get burned out.  I’ve started with the smallest thread counts and I’m working my way up.  It’s kind of fun to see the shapes pop off the canvas.

I work from the couch and as you can imagine, Simon has been trying ever so hard to be a part of the crafting.  Yesterday he was pawing at the thread bundles and stealing my paper guides.  So silly!




  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    He wants to help!!!!!!!! Good job!!!!!

    1. He always wants to help, such a sweetie =)

  2. so glad to see a review of the needle point progress. i have thought about trying it many times…especially for stockings. melt my heart! alas, i do not know if i could muster near enough patience.

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