The Road to Palmer

theroadtopalmer1Although I’m not the biggest fan of long, cold winters, I am quite fond of snow-covered mountains.  In the summer they seem like only faint pastel brush strokes against the blue sky.  But with a dusting of snow, they come to life, making the horizon that much more dynamic.

We went driving Saturday, and good thing we did!  It would seem that winter weather is upon us and the roads were less than ideal.  Ethan took Simon and I north to Palmer to get a little photo action done for both Christmas cards and my personal enjoyment.  The rivers were an interesting mix of rushing and frozen, and I’ll be sharing photos from the trip throughout the week.  Enjoy!






  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply


    1. I bet the view from the Butte is unbelievable!

  2. So beautiful. Thank you.

    1. Well thank you!!

  3. So pretty. Such a different world than I live in, but I love getting glimpses into other peoples lives and surroundings.

    1. That’s the beauty of blogs, right?!

  4. Makes me wanna come back for a visit 🙂

  5. what an incredible landscape…

    1. Isn’t it? I love seeing it go through the seasons.

  6. simply overwhelming

  7. Oh my gosh….unbelievably beautiful…thank you for sharing these awesome photos!!

    1. You are very welcome!

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