Passenger Side Perspective

perspective1I’m always so thankful that Ethan likes to drive.  And that he agrees to go along with my ideas (even if it takes him a few weeks to warm up to them).  This time around we were surprised that our drive up the mountains toward Independence Mine coincided with some major snowfall.  As we ascended the roads progressively got more covered, from a light dusting to pure white.

perspective2This is what our view was coming down the mountain from the mine.  To the right you should see lots of mountains, but not the case!  It was so gray, the entire drive was like journeying through a haze.  The snow froze on our windshield and everything!  The drive was slow going enough that I could sit back and snap away.





  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Wow!!!!!!!!! Winter wonderland!!!!!!!!

    1. That’s exactly what it felt like!!

  2. That last photo is gorgeous. I seriously would die if I had to drive in that. It’s a running joke that California drivers all crash when it rains. We freak.

    1. Driving is fine, but walking? A WHOLE ‘nother story (at least for me!).

  3. that last photo reminds me so much of an old ghost town near black hawk here….except less snowy at the moment.

    1. These were near the Independence Mine, which is like a ghost mine!

  4. I love these pics. Thanks for taking these photos!

    1. Thank you for appreciating them!

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