As the Holiday Season Approaches

autumnalcandleHello, my friends!  How are you today?  I’m sorry that I haven’t been present the past few days.  We had to limit our Internet usage by a whole bunch so that we wouldn’t go over our plan.  That’s right, folks!  Alaska’s #1 cable and Internet provider doesn’t offer unlimited Internet.  And for quite a bit more than plans back home.  In the absence of the web, I read voraciously, watched wintery movies, and began planning the Christmas stockings I can’t wait to needlepoint.  And when Ethan came home from work, we had the best night.  We cuddled up for the end of a black-white Humphrey Bogart film and ate rice-a-roni on the couch together as Ghost began.  When I told Ethan “I love you” before we fell asleep, he said “ditto” and I kind of loved it.  It is amazing what a nice change the night was from our usual routine, which makes me think we should unplug from the Internet much more often.

I’ll be spending my day rehashing my Christmas stockings idea, simply because I want to be sure they are perfect.  Which means an afternoon with Photoshop and potentially NSYNC’s Christmas album while enjoying the last bit of my lovely autumnal candle.  It’s hard not to be in the Christmas spirit when the world outside our windows is blanketed with snow and so frosty cold (as I type this, my weather app says it is -1!).  My excitement for Thanksgiving, however, is at an all time high, and I am so looking forward to hosting an intimate night with friends in eight days!  The menu is floating around in my head, and making it concrete is also on today’s agenda.  Shopping for supplies is scheduled for Saturday, when we will hopefully get a free turkey!  I am ready to focus on the details and already have a new tablecloth on the way just for the holiday.  It is truly a year for me to reflect upon and be grateful for.

Also!  If you find yourself with an afternoon that feels a little empty considering the approaching holidays, I suggest you treat yourself to the film About Time.  Although I am sort of movie-crazy and have seen and own more than my fair share of films in all genres, About Time is such a feel good, roller-coaster-of-emotions movie that it is sure to be new favorite of mine.  Much like how The Family Stone, which I watched yesterday, and Love Actually have carved their way into my Christmas movie traditions, About Time is a year round classic, with such a beautiful message.  I literally came home from the theater on Friday smiling ear to ear and couldn’t stop marveling at how blessed my life really is.  Take your best friend, your mom, your sister, whoever is near and dear to you and



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    We do have bunches to be thankful for!!!!!!!

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