Little Boy in a Dog Suit



simonbaby3I grew up having and loving pets.  First Bogie the Pug and a handful of cats when I was an infant.  We had him until he died right before sixth grade during a really hot summer…he made it to age 15 I think.  Second was Lucky dog, and boy did we spoil him rotten.  He was a Chihuahua and as a baby fit inside an army hat my sister would wear around her neck on outings.  Little Lucky made the transition of Bogie passing bearable, and I somehow couldn’t ever imagine living without him.  Hamsters, hermit crabs, lots of fish were scattered throughout my young years as well.  But then the white fur ball we all know and love as Simon came into my life when I least expected it.  It took some convincing on his part (good thing he was so persistent and persuasive).  Lucky was barely hanging on, at age 14, when I realized I had a little white shadow anytime I stepped outside…like in the photos above.  Wild Simon (then Snowy) hung out with me as I photographed my engagement ring January 2012 on some flowers beside my parent’s home.  After a violent storm– since I knew his owners didn’t care that he ran loose– Simon boy officially entered our lives.  I can say, without a doubt, that I am closer to Simon than our previous pups, even though I thought I couldn’t love any dog more for each one.

There’s just something about this little Simon.

My family and I joke that he is really just a little boy in a dog suit.  He is so expressive, smart, and loving.  And silly…boy, is he silly!  I know you all know I love him, but really and truly, I am so thankful to have Simon in my life.  He has made living in Alaska so much sweeter, what with his constant company and all.  And he brought his younger brother and sister to my parents and Amanda…which I know they will be forever grateful for.

Pretty much nothing beats cuddles and kisses from my favorite little doggie.  And I love him unconditionally.

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  1. he has the sweetest face! sounds like he’s a wonderful companion for you. I would totally need a pup like simon at my side if I lived in alaska!

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