Monthly Archives: November 2013

Breath of Life

Growing up I think I took my health for granted.  Sometimes I probably still do.  I don’t know if I have a rocking immune system or I’ve just been lucky, but my life has not been overrun with medical visits, prescription drugs, or hospital stays.  My poor Ethan is in a different boat it seems, […]


I know I grumble a lot about living in Alaska, but when I capture a beautiful view like this one simply by walking outside, I’m nothing but grateful.  Good morning, friends.  I thought as this is the week of Thanksgiving, I’d take the days leading up to the holiday to share what I am most […]

Stocking Cards

Hello there!  Just thought I’d show you the designs I’m working on for our future needlepoint stockings.  I’m really excited.  So I can’t take credit for anything in these designs…I’m taking the inspired works from the opening credits of The Family Stone as my inspiration.  And since they are just for my family, I’m saying […]