A Colorful Christmas

christmasornamentOur tree is hassle-free this year, no DIYs like last December.  I guess you could say the ornaments Ethan gave me for Christmas last year are doing all the work, and I don’t mind it one bit!  He surprised me with three boxes of vintage glass ornaments from Poland– a mix of solids, starburst metallics, and jester-like jewel tones.  My eight year old tinsel tree is still standing strong, and my Santa topper is just plain playful.  I know things won’t be so simple when we move back home and I get to sort through my 25+ year collection of Christmas ornaments…but that will be a different kind of holiday fun…holding each one in my palm and remembering years past.  I also know when we go back home, I will lean toward the traditional for both everyday and holiday decorating, so I’m letting my slightly childish Christmas decor have its day.

Here is another photo of our tree, as posted to my Facebook page.  Don’t forget to “like it” to get even more content you won’t necessarily see on the blog.

What’s your holiday style?  Do you think it will change in the coming years?



  1. Cindy King · · Reply

    Beautiful. We had ornaments like those when I was younger. I love reading your blog. Almost like you are here at times.

    1. Thank you, Ms. King! That makes me happy =)

  2. caseylane · · Reply

    how can’t this brighten your world? love those ornaments and I love that you are featuring separate content on facebook – how innovative 🙂

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