Reversing My Aversion to Red


| pretty red flowers on a recently purchased scarf |

Here’s a funny little post for you all.  It seems to me the holiday season is sweeter this year…as I’ve finally overcome my aversion to the color red.  And now, I can’t get enough of it!

It’s true that in my younger years I gobbled up all sorts of foolish magazine advice…one of which was that men would be immediately attracted to a woman if she was wearing red.  And I guess at the time I thought that was pathetic, so I somewhat subconsciously started to steer clear of the color.  It had been years…maybe since a high school dance…that I donned red.  Until, that is, I started seeing it everywhere, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the color!  Since then I’ve bravely purchased a red dress, sweater, and fuzzy beret…and haven’t looked back.

Red actually looks quite nice on me.  I like how it plays off my pale skin and brown hair…even my brown glasses!  Wearing red has definitely added an extra layer of coziness to my winter months.  Now it seems silly to buy into the thought that I’ll be some sort of man magnet!  Other colors I’ve been keen on lately are emerald green, caramel, and deep, deep brown.

Do you have any colors you avoid (even if for trivial reasons)?  What’s your favorite color to wear?



  1. I’ve always loved red for how it highlights my fair skin and dark hair–so glad you’re embracing it!

    1. Just like your About Me photo! So pretty =)

  2. Barbara Cisowski · · Reply

    You didn’t like red because you were hung up on black

    1. You are soooo funny, Aunt Barb!

  3. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    You look beautiful in red!!!!!!!!

  4. lol I actually love the origin of your aversion to the color red. I can appreciate that kind of feminist association! I have to admit I’m boring when it comes to color – and default to black & gray – and sometimes with a pop of print somewhere (usually a scarf).

    1. Hehe nothing wrong with some black (read my Aunt Barb’s comment above)!

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