Tis the Season

lightsWinter weather has arrived and brought with it sleet, ice, and very slick road conditions!  Hello, friends.  The skies have been unusually dark here, with no light to wake up to or brightness to carry me through the day.  Instead I get to rely on the soft glow of our Christmas tree and flickering flame of a lovely holiday scented candle lit almost constantly.  I know I’ve always been a fireplace kind of girl, but here candles will have to do.  No doubt the smells inspired by Christmas cookies, holly berries and mistletoe add another layer of coziness to my days.

Yesterday I had planned to get out and take pictures, but as the fallen snow is just as hard and slick as the pavement, I decided to save it for a different day.  I’m quite clumsy in Alaska (some people would say I’m clumsy everywhere) so I am trying my best now to avoid any sort of incline and all driving.  Too bad the post office doesn’t deliver packages to my door…then I’d really find no excuse to leave the apartment!

I’ve been gobbling up The Hunger Games books this week, as you might have seen from a recent tweet, and next week I’m planning on getting my arts and crafts on.  Painting a picture similar to “The Kiss” for Amanda and her fiancé, painting the stocking cards I drew up last week, and making a few December birthday cards.  I have managed to write almost 4,000 words this week during the lulls of different activities.  Amazingly, my sister and mom have been giving me overwhelmingly positive feedback for my current book-in-progress…my third.  I’m not entirely sure why this one feels different, but praises like “whimsical, captivating and descriptive” are making me feel a little confident about it.  I often wonder how many completed stories it takes before a writer finds his/her groove (and picked up by an agency!).  After this one, which will be my longest book yet (as the story will span three decades), I don’t know what I’ll be inspired to write about.  I do hope that I have the opportunity to share them with you eventually!

I hope you stay safe this weekend and surrounded by things that make you feel comfortable and cozy.



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    The fireplace will be waiting for you to curl up by!!!!!!

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