Christmas Time is Here

christmaswreathHello!  How are you this fine Monday?  I had quite a lovely weekend.  It started off Friday afternoon when I rode into downtown Anchorage with a friend for some major window shopping.  After a quick stop at Barnes & Noble, we traipsed through the first floor of Captain Cook Hotel, in and out of its specialty shops of native art and endless Patagonia sportswear.  The halls and entryways were adorned with garlands, trees, and wreaths, with gold and red baubles and ribbons swagged just so.  It was wonderful to take in.  After rejoining civilization outside in the blustery wind, we headed over to Bloomsbury Blooms, which smelt like luscious evergreens and warmed us of our chill.  After some fun chatting with owner Dallas, we headed for the car with a dainty plant newly in our possession, and we made just one more stop into Nordstrom, which was buzzing with holiday shoppers in the best way.  There is something about shops and stores all decked out that make me feel so fuzzy inside.  I suppose it reminds me of trips to Saint Louis with my mom around the holidays.  Good stuff.  Once I got home and loved on Simon– who seriously missed me in the hours I was away– I settled in for the night as snow began to drift down.  I watched White Christmas as Ethan relaxed on his computer, and it was pretty darn nice.

Saturday we got an early start with a good scraping of our car and a trip down the road to the post office.  I don’t know if you’ve visited the USPS yet this holiday season, but it is serious business in our town!  I arrived fifteen minutes before it opened, and there was already a hefty line.  Luckily it moved quickly, and I was out of there with Amanda’s present sent and my mom’s package in tow.  Back in the car, we set off for Michael’s and craft supplies!  I hadn’t purchased acrylic paint in years, and it was quite fun picking out a fresh batch of colors for the needlepoint stocking cards.  Ethan got some goodies too.  With an appetite worked up from the morning hustle and bustle, we drove a little farther south for some homestyle fried chicken, a cheeseburger, and fries.  And a pineapple malt that was probably the best decision of the entire meal.  The snow really started coming down as we sat across from each other in the diner booth, and pure white flakes swiftly coated us during our short walk back to the car.  Once home again we relaxed on our own and eventually found our way to the sofa for A Christmas Story.  And the snow continued to fall.

When our alarms roused us from the warmth of our bed on Sunday, I couldn’t believe the accumulation that lay just outside our windows.  It was easily another six inches!  But we bundled up anyhow for a morning show of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.  After the almost three hour film, which we both loved, we returned to the cold with even more snow covering our car.  With an emergency trip to the grocery store to get all sorts of comfort food, we headed home for the evening.  I can’t tell you how nice it was to be back.  While what little light began to fade from the sky we settled in for some rest…but I couldn’t help peeking out the window for glimpses of the gorgeous snow that continued to drift down so peacefully.

What did you do this weekend?  Have any fun plans for the coming days?



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Sounds like you had a very lovely weekend!!!!!!

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