A Wozniak Family Christmas Traditon

lgbtrainsThe comforts of home during the holidays goes far beyond the sweets from the kitchen and the warmth from the fireplace.  One comfort that only comes out for Christmas is my holiday train set that my parents bought me when I was still a baby.

So many holiday memories revolve around my LGB train.  First of which was the exhausting task of retrieving the boxes from the closet and setting it all up.  My sister had a train too, so most often we would have two tracks laid around our tree and in more ambitious years, around the living room!  With the tracks in place and the wires connected, we’d place the Silverton Station and Johnson Hardware village buildings on a blanket (as our faux snow)…and the real fun would begin.  When the scape looked just right, we would careful align the engine’s wheels to the track and car by car create our very own trains.  My dad would turn the dial to test them and then let them roar!  It was magical.  After that we would take great care in placing the little people on benches and near light posts, plopping a tree here and there, arranging the miniature luggage in intricate stacks.  I could lay by the tree for hours, playing out scenarios in my head with those little people with painted faces.  Somewhere along the line, the open air car would be christened with fresh candy canes, and they would disappear one by one as the days crept closer to Christmas.

Now that we are grown, the trains hold something even more special than just figurines and candy canes.  They hold our memories of childhood.  My sister has already taken her train set from the family nest, set it up around her own tree and is reliving the humor of cats sitting on the tracks with Siamese Nigel, which she first experienced with our family cats in the early 90s.  With mine still waiting for me back home, I known each Christmas I spend without it will hold a special anticipation.  Until then, I will be cherishing over twenty years of memories and dreaming about the new ones still come.



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Such wonderful memories!!!!!

  2. Wow…awesome memories…I love stories like this! I hope little kids in this day and time, are given the opportunities to make such cherished memories!

    1. I know our (distant) future little ones will!

  3. […]  I have already shared with you my beloved train set and how I eventually will get to take it for my family home.  That train set is another item on my […]

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