Interior Design Crushes

interiorscrush1I haven’t posted anything about home design in a while, so here I go!  Lately I’ve been drooling over the pairing of dark wood antiques & crisp white everything else.  Something about the overall simplicity of those elements is so appealing to me right now.  Very much like the Greene farmhouse from season two of The Walking Dead, a white house with a selective yet historic interior sounds idyllic.  I’ve even caught myself dreaming of getting one of those country surname doily runners for an antique foyer table.

Aside from these daydreams, I have identified another interior style I’ve been consistently drawn to.  However it is in a completely opposite color spectrum!  Dark, moody, & classic.  With rich collegiate greens, golds, reds, and browns.  Heck, heavy wood paneling too.  Rooms would be styled in many layers, where more is more.  The precedent home that come to mind for this style is the Connecticut house from The Family Stone.

I think a mix of the two will win out for practical reasons (since I love both, why limit myself?), but I know I’ll keep dreaming about the styles separately until we find our dream home!  I seriously can’t wait to house hunt when I’m back home in Missouri.  We have a full day of flying today and then 24ish glorious days in the Midwest!  And hopefully some great content for the blog along the way.

What interiors are you crushing on lately?

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  1. loving this. reminding me that I really need to start simplifying/modernizing my home.

    1. It feels so strange being in home limbo…I don’t want to get anything specific to our apartment, but can’t stop dreaming about having and filling up our first house!

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