My Happy Birthday Party

happybirthdayparty1 happybirthdayparty2 happybirthdayparty3Hello!  I am 25, and I cannot believe it.  Sunday my sister hosted a small family gathering…a very happy birthday party. She worked hard to include a raspberry chocolate cake I requested, photos from birthdays past, and a sweet table setting that was fancy for us hehe.  We ended the night with presents and Clue.  It was pretty much perfect.

happybirthdayparty4| Nigel Kitty |


| the men folk |

happybirthdayparty6 happybirthdayparty7

| Titan and Teddy guard-dogging |

happybirthdayparty8| Polish sausage, sauerkraut, and potatoes — yum yum |

happybirthdayparty9| Papa and his sweet sweet Clementine |

happybirthdayparty10 happybirthdayparty11| 25 candles and counting! |



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Great fun!!!!!!!

  2. Aw looks like such a fabulous time! Happy Birthday Dana!

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