A Louis Vuitton Just for Me

presents1If you’ve been a Caviar Dreams reader since the beginning, you may remember my various posts about Louis Vuitton (here, here, here, and here).  Oh my gosh, I didn’t remember posting about it that many times hehe.  Well, up until my sister began to discuss the issue of payment for my wedding planning services did I realize my dream of owning an investment handbag may be sooner than seven to ten years out.  Because my personal milestone is just four months from Amanda’s big day, she decided to combine my payment and birthday and gift me something really special.

On last Friday we drove up to St. Louis to pick out my very own Louis Vuitton.  I can’t believe I actually just typed that.  Truly, I have adored the brand even before I knew what it was, thanks to the Grand High Witch’s LV luggage in the movie Witches. Anyway, we arrived at the Louis Vuitton store in the fancy Frontenac mall and entered with butterflies in my stomach.  After a long process, trying on bags and mulling over all the different designs offered in the monogram canvas, I settled on the Totally PM, which fits against my body like it was made for me.  And I got to pick out a wallet to boot (I went with the Sarah)!  I am ever so thankful my sister didn’t make me wait until May to open the gorgeous boxes and make them officially mine!




  1. I’m jealous!!!

    1. I feel so glamorous with it!

  2. Wow what a generous sister you have! It is gorgeous, and truly a bag you will have forever.

    1. I know, she is the greatest. And I plan on using it everyday for the rest of my life! The leather straps already look as though they are darkening from use =)

  3. omg how awesome is that! it’s a little dream come true for you…def something you’ll treasure for a loonnngggg time!

    1. For-ev-ver!! =)

  4. Wow….that is SO COOL!!

    1. Thanks! I think so toooo!

  5. caseylane · · Reply

    you rock that girl! only slightly jealous 😉

    1. I will rock it forever!

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