Life Lately

lifelatelyI knew my first week of 25 was off to a great start when I woke up to french toast last Monday courtesy of my wonderful mama. After a morning playing Scrabble (the first time I’d ever played with Ethan and surprisingly not the last), I prepped myself for the afternoon…filled with what, though, I couldn’t say!  I was truly at a loss for Ethan’s plans for my birthday, until I realized we were headed for the local bowling alley.  Then I knew I was in for a treat!  With a seven pound coral ball I bowled my way into first place between the two of us, scoring 114 to Ethan’s 91 & 90.  Amazing that the two games we played ended with almost identical scores…what are the odds of that?  He rewarded me with a giant cookie from my favorite spot, and then we channeled our inner children for some Skee-Ball at the nearby arcade.  With our handful of tickets redeemed and prize candies in our possession, we headed for a late lunch at the restaurant Ethan treated me to on our first date.  Over a steaming plate of lo mien, we read each other’s Chinese zodiacs…I was delighted to see that my dragon is compatible with Ethan’s year of the snake.  We returned home with full bellies, happy hearts, and two tiny fortunes tucked inside my LV wallet.

The week held many fun activities including hunting for vintage Valentines with my mom, family dinners followed by Mario Kart on Nintendo 64, a delightful trip to the dentist, and even a Saturday night at the pool hall.  While my body recovered yesterday morning (I felt hung-over from lack of sleep), I looked forward to an open house showing on of my favorite Cape Girardeau streets.  As I walked the halls of the brick cottage-style house and dreamt of it becoming mine, I realized just how much I am looking forward to our future in Missouri and sadly how little time we have left of vacation.  With a spaghetti and meatball dinner at my aunt’s house rounding out my birthday week, I found myself evermore grateful for the life I lead and the people I am lucky to call my friends and family.  I ended the night by catching up on two episodes of Downton Abbey, which looks just as beautiful on my parents’ old mini TV as it does on a flat screen, with the pups snoozing beside me.

There is nothing left for me to say except that life is good.



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I am so jealous, haven’t seen even a glimpse of Downton!!!!

    1. You will have to marathon it!

  2. it sounds like you’re really making the most of your vacation…enjoy it! xo

    1. It is flying by! =(

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