The Napping House

thenappinghouse1| Nigel |

On Monday, after a week of long night shifts, I ran a few errands with my pharmacist sister.  When she finally cozied up with a blanket and her recliner a few hours after returning to her home it seemed everyone in the house caught the napping bug!  While I tried to resist the temptation for a little rest and kept my eyes open I snapped the snoozing babies.  Aren’t they precious?

thenappinghouse2| Teddy and Simon |

thenappinghouse3| Titan with his cone |


  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    How sweet!!!!!!!!!!

  2. isn’t it funny how dogs usually nap in the sunniest spot of the house? Lola always manages to squeeze herself into the tiniest beam of sunshine in our living room.

    1. The sunny spots are where it’s at! My mom and I have been known to catch some zzzz’s in them as well =)

      1. Mary Ellen · ·

        We sure have!!!!!!!

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