Winter Chic

winterchicSince I’ve been home I’ve been alternating my wardrobe in accordance with the weather.  While some days are beautiful in the fifties, others are blustery and so so cold.  Tuesday was the latter.  Since I knew my sister, mom and I would be running errands all morning, I wanted to be sure I was ready for it!  I opted for black skinny jeans, my trusty Frye Engineer boots, my wool peacoat and cute gloves from Anthropologie.  And with my Louis Vuitton on my arm, I felt pretty chic.

Today we are taking family photos with my sister’s photographer friend.  I am hoping the warmth returns so we don’t have to wear our heavy coats!  I suppose I can always whip this outfit back on and feel ready for my close up.


  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    So lovely!!!!!!!

  2. Those gloves are SO cute!!

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