The Hunt

the huntThis trip home has been much more about wedding planning than anything else.  We’ve scoured the antique stores from Benton, MO, to St. Mary’s, sweeping through every aisle in search for silver, floral, and basically anything we HAD to have.  While I had my own internal list– the ongoing one that will never be completely checked off– I tried my hardest to utilize my time for mostly ceremony and reception decor.  On Saturday we drove to Old Appleton to hunt down the perfect salvaged door…too bad the washroom’s wasn’t for sale!  Now that we have gathered many items, purchased things online we just couldn’t find locally, and debated amongst the three of us, I can see how Amanda’s wedding is beginning to take shape…its once fuzzy inspiration becoming more solid as we near the special date.

I haven’t written much about the wedding plans simply because the wedding isn’t mine to share.  I planned my own before I was blogging, so sometimes (especially when not much else is going on) it tortures me not to indulge you with some details.  Amanda wants to keep things under wraps until the big day so for right now, enjoy this sweet photo of Clementine on my lap while I was cutting envelope liners.



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    The search has been sooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!

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