Back in Alaska

backinakWhew.  I say, every vacation needs a weekend to recuperate.  After our ten hour travel day on Thursday, a surprise four day weekend was the perfect remedy.

It doesn’t matter how long we are home for, whether it is for a week or three, it never feels long enough.  Our trip was purely wonderful.  Even with its minor hiccups, it was one of our best yet.  So much Scrabble, X-Files, afternoons by the fire, family dinners, and shopping downtown.  And now that we are back in our apartment, we feel a little lonely.

Eighteen months, people.



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    It went by way toooooo fast!!!!!!! But we had lots of fun!!!!!!!!

    1. I know it did. Looking forward to March!!

  2. I will cherish my 4 days I had with Ethan, and Yes 18 months and counting!! Glad you all made it back safe..I was really excited when I go a call from Ethan yesterday even if it was a pocket

    1. It was too bad Ethan had a miscommunication with you toward the end! It will be better when we are home for good.

  3. caseylane · · Reply

    i hear ya girl…vacations need vacations!
    doesn’t returning to AK make you feel like you are living one large adventure? embrace it lady, for nothing is certain in this except change 🙂

    1. In theory it does. Maybe if we went skiing, or something I’d really feel it. I’ll see what I can do =)

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