On Missouri Time

missouri timeSince we’ve been back in Alaska a week now, I’ve found myself still on Missouri time.  I get up with absolutely no sun coming through my window and take Simon out as the sky is only just beginning to lighten.  Although the overhead fixtures in our apartment feel blinding at that hour (I gave up my hunt for lamps a long time ago), I have found I’ve been quite productive this week to trade in my new schedule for my old one, where I’d snooze until around eleven and not really hunker down until afternoon.  My bedtime has drastically altered as well, but I don’t really mind…nine just sounds like a fine time to don my pjs and hit the hay.

The other perk to being on Missouri time is that it gives me much more time to talk to my loved ones back home.  The first week back is always the hardest.  Good thing my wonderful husband told me to look at the clouds the other day and I saw this beautiful scene just outside our stairwell.  It made my morning.

What do you have planned for the weekend?  Ethan has an appointment that I am eager to hear about, and we are even going into Anchorage for an evening of pool and wings with friends.


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