The Elusive Low Nude Wedge

nudewedgesYou may have seen my tweets about finding shoes…more specifically the perfect low nude wedge for Amanda’s wedding.  I have some tough requirements, such as:

~ nude hue close to my skin tone (which is pale!)

~low heel, 1-2.75″ high

~reputable brand for a classic keep-forever design

~less than $200

It seems that combination is really difficult to find, but these so far are the best options (except for the Talia, which I already know doesn’t work).  I have found, ironically enough, the big name designers have the best nude shades with sensible height heels, but I can’t seem to ever afford those!  Regardless, I had to include some of those favorites.

I’ll let you know which pair wins!

| Cole Haan Talia | Nine West | Cole Haan Chelsea | Stuart Weitzman Quilty | Stuart Weitzman Tipin |

| Diane von Furstenberg | Stuart Weitzman Peep Toe | Salvatore Ferragamo |



  1. Try!!!

    LOVE the invites!!!

  2. Susan and I are having terrible luck too. And our requirements aren’t a even as strict! Who knew a nude shoe would be so hard to find!

    1. Oh no!! I think it will be so worth it when we do find the right pair, though. Gooood luuuuck!!!

  3. Love that Stuart Weitzman peep toe!

    1. Me too! So classic.

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