A Downtown Rendezvous

furrondyHey hey, how was your weekend?  Friday Ethan and I ventured into town, where I stopped into Barnes and Noble for supplies and Nordstrom to return no-go nude heels.  After checking off the stops on my list, we roamed the streets regardless of the single digit temps in search of Fur Rondy.  But with frozen chins and stiff thighs we weren’t exactly successful!  Ethan did see a frigid carnival from afar, and we crossed streets and icy stairs to check it out.  After about three minutes, we decided to head for the car…and warmth!  It took the drive back home for us to thaw, and we eagerly stayed tucked away in our apartment the rest of the evening.

Saturday I finished up the last of wedding invitations, specifically for the bachelorette party and made it to the post office before two to send them off.  With that weight lifted off my shoulders, I spent my afternoon reading about “The Yule Ball” in The Goblet of Fire and even snuck in an hour long nap! With the Olympics on in the background, I picked up my materials to work more on my blog redesign.  I extended my early bedtime to tweak some details and went to bed eager to play with it some more in the morning.

Sunday was sunny and very misleading!  I watched from the window icicles dripping and frost melting, but the air was still biting cold.  Simon didn’t seem to mind and pulled me through our short walks, trying to climb the snow piles like a little king of the hill.  Later I ran a few errands and left Ethan to his games, only after he promised to watch The Walking Dead with me (last week he made me watch it by myself!).  By 9 pm I remembered I hadn’t written this post, wink wink.  I’m very much looking forward to all the packages I’m receiving tomorrow and new shoes I ordered yesterday.  Cross your fingers these are the ones!

What did your weekend look like?  Accomplish any of your to-dos or did you take a break and treat yourself to something special?

Oh, one last thing.  The soundtrack to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty introduced me to Rogue Valley.  I pretty much listened to them nonstop this weekend!

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