Cape Colonials

dutchcolonial1No good houses have been going up for sale in Cape Girardeau, which is technically fine since we aren’t in a position to buy anyways.  But out of desperation (and curiosity) I’ve resorted to Google-Mapping* different neighborhoods in my hometown and looking for houses that way.  I feel a little creepy doing it, but I’m considering it the equivalent of driving down streets on a free afternoon.  It makes me feel a little better at least.

Considering all the historic districts downtown haven’t been very attainable** so far on our search, I’ve expanded my sights on established neighborhoods with huge trees, green lawns, and a little more space between the houses.  The ranch style house is very popular in CG (so popular I grew up in one!), but the more ranches that go up for sale, I know they aren’t for me aesthetically.  I’m not a fan of open concept (because walls are crucial for my future wallpapering) and I prefer a more classic approach to architecture. And life.  But Cape isn’t exactly little New England, although its name might make you think otherwise.  And my hunt for colonials seemed dismal until I found some lovely examples, shown here.

First off, I love that these are brick!  One thing to know about growing up in a late 80s ranch in the Midwest is there is an inherent comfort from a home built of brick.  Its sturdy, structural, naturally insulative (not really a word), and homey– to me anyways!  Cape has some local brick manufacturing too, so it just feels right.  I look at clapboard and siding houses and think, what are you doing here?!  They don’t feel natural to me, not for the Midwest…certainly not for Missouri.  So colonials with gambrel roofs and lovely shutters that are made of brick?  I’m sold.

capecodSecond, I am oddly becoming obsessed with what I call side porches, but my mom calls breezeways.  As you can see it mimics the garage door shape and offers another entrance to the home…which for whatever reason makes me think of a country estate and all the good things that come with that.  This particular house is really a cape cod, and I am so okay with that.  I love how it is treated exterior-wise.  It is classic, but not the classic you’d find on the East Coast.  Who am I kidding, a clone of that architecture would look semi-out-of-place in CG.  I like that this style is classic, but also comfortable with its Midwest-ness.  Does that make sense?

dutchcolonial2Ahh, here is the real winner.  Not that I’m a big fan of the dormers or anything, but the acre+ lot, the way it is nestled in this secluded neighborhood…I can really just picture a country life here, even though it is within city limits (…and reeeeally close to my parents…which would be such a bonus.  I daydream often about hopping on my trusty bicycle and cruising over to their house, with the cicadas chirping on a summer evening.)  Ahem.  There is even a sweet little stream in the back with a wooden bridge.  My family looked at this house years and years ago when it actually was for sale, and I don’t remember a thing about it.  But I am imagining the inside, and it is gorgeous.

I think it is a gigantic leap for me to say I’d be happy with all of these houses.  And the good thing is, if there are three, I’m sure there are more that I just haven’t discovered yet!  What do you think?  Are these calling my name, or what?!

*images screen-captured from Google Maps Satellite and Street View options.  Please note I am not disclosing the addresses, because that would make me feel even creepier.

**historic homes in Cape have not been attainable thus far because of their price points, level of completion/disrepair, and odd features (one we looked at had a backyard with exposed boulders, i.e. not very safe for future children).  Also, there isn’t a huge selection for sale right now.



  1. I’m such a sucker for historic homes–I’m always Google Map-ing my hometown to see what’s for sale and revisit my favorite houses! If you want a little afternoon escape, check out Main Street, Cranbury NJ and tell me what you think…

    1. Oh my goodness. Beautiful house after beautiful house!!! That was quite a treat. Thank you for that 😉

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