The Collection Grows

thecollectiongrows1So excited for this haul of vintage picture frames I splurged on from Etsy.  If you remember, I am quite fond of antique, heavy, detailed frames, and after eying these for a few weeks I went ahead and treated myself by purchasing them!  After all, I have so many photos just laying around, waiting to be put on display!  With a little more time I know I’ll find the perfect photo for each of these beauties (though I have no clue what I’ll put in the big oval one)I’m just so eager to have a larger area to hold them all!  I am playing around with the idea of getting a baby grand for our future homeespecially for my beloved photo shrine.  Haha.  Dreaming as always.

thecollectiongrows4| from Pink Soul Vintage |

thecollectiongrows5| from Sonja Amy Taylor Vintage Shop |


| from Karol’s Creations |


| from Susantique |

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