Redesign Inspiration


I’m going to state the obvious– I am not so great at CSS.  I’ve been squeezing in time in my evenings to work on my new design, and nothing is really panning out.  First it was the size of my new logo not fitting in the designated header height of my current layout.  Then it was various other themes not doing what I wanted them to do…or rather me not knowing how to manipulate their codes to override their current settings.

Regardless of all the mishaps I wanted to share with you inspiration for my redesign.  I’m feeling completely out of my element in the home I’ve created here in AK; chalk it up to growing/changing/discovering my style.  Or even being brave enough to admit to myself what my true self loves best.  You may have noticed that shift in my pins lately; if not, I’m embracing my love of all things classic, warm and somewhat cluttered.  And because both our apartment and my blog feel so disconnected from that aesthetic, I want to change the one that is the easiest (err, or so I thought!)– Caviar Dreams!  And essentially nod to what this blog was really all about in the beginning.

So hopefully you’ll see a culmination of the above design elements within the next week or so.  A personalized monogram logo, some classic serif typeface, and plaid.  Because I love plaid and don’t have enough of it in my life!!  What do you think?

| monogram | baskerville | louis vuitton | plaid |


  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Can’t wait to see the changes!!!!!!!!

  2. love the idea of a really cool lookin’ monogram!

  3. Monogram plus plaid? What’s not to love!

    1. I hope you still think that after you see it 😉

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