Monthly Archives: February 2014

Cape Colonials

No good houses have been going up for sale in Cape Girardeau, which is technically fine since we aren’t in a position to buy anyways.  But out of desperation (and curiosity) I’ve resorted to Google-Mapping* different neighborhoods in my hometown and looking for houses that way.  I feel a little creepy doing it, but I’m […]

A Downtown Rendezvous

Hey hey, how was your weekend?  Friday Ethan and I ventured into town, where I stopped into Barnes and Noble for supplies and Nordstrom to return no-go nude heels.  After checking off the stops on my list, we roamed the streets regardless of the single digit temps in search of Fur Rondy.  But with frozen […]

Design Work

I’ve been craving a blog redesign as of late (heck, I’ve had this one almost a year now!), but I didn’t know how to make it just so.  And I want something that will make me love my blog name again!  Of course words like classic, vintage, clean, pretty come to mind when I try […]