Hermes Blanket Inspiration

projecthollyreveal| Project Holly Reveal by Bailey McCarthy |

Here I go again…lusting over luxury designer products, this time for the home.  Bailey’s reveal of the Project Holly house peaked my interest in the monogram loveliness that is the Hermes Avalon Blanket.  In rich cozy hues, the bold H is a stunner tucked on top of a sofa or folded neatly at the foot of the bed.  After seeing the wool and cashmere blend blanket’s price tag however, I couldn’t help but crave a slight tweak in the design.


How fun would a similar design be with your own last initial on it instead?  This is a product that tried that idea out, but I don’t think they succeeded in capturing the original’s chicness.  I wish I had the skills to handcraft my own version as I think this typeface is comparable in proportion (talk about being the ultimate renaissance woman!).  And because I think in threes these days, below are examples of my family’s perfectly symmetrical initials…what a wonderful future gift they would be.


Anyone have a loom I can borrow?



  1. Amanda · · Reply

    I want that couch too!!!

    1. Heck yes. Green tufted velvet.

  2. dude that couch.

    1. I KNOW. The first time she posted an Instagram of it, I died a little. And then I pinned it haha.

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