Necessary Luxuries


Just some lovely things that are luxuries in my option…but also quite necessary!

I love antique tools from a simpler era…like this rug beater.  Considering we purchased our Persian and plopped it right into our apartment, I’ve found myself fantasizing about throwing it over a railing and giving it a good spring cleaning!  A snippet of a scene in Downton Abbey refreshed my hunt for a darling letter opener…now if only I had a lovable butler to present my mail on a silver platter for me (I’m kidding).  Absolutely love this Piebox.  I will no doubt be investing in one when we have frequent holiday parties to attend (once we are back home again).  Why choose an ugly toothbrush when there are such beauties in the world?  These guest toothbrushes would be a simple and thoughtful way to further welcome future visitors.  It’s all in the details, people!  Longchamp Le Pliage…so stylish…so classic…and effortless.  I’m considering buying this cosmetic case for concealing unsightly items in my LV.  Wooden boot trees…need I say more?  Haven’t found the perfect pair to keep my riding boots’ shapes, but oh how I’m looking.



  1. That pie box is darling–and makes the Thanksgiving nightmare of transporting 5 pies look downright elegant!

  2. love the pie box and guest toothbrushes!

    1. They are simply lovely, aren’t they?

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