Promoting Positivity

25. concentrate more on the things & people I love rather than the negative forces in my life

Well hello.  It has been two months now since I started my “25 Goals for My 25th” challenge.  While it doesn’t seem like I’ve accomplished much (at least to me, anyway), I know at least three more will be crossed off by June!  How exciting!

I don’t know about you, but the general accessibility the Internet provides, whether to celebrities or people you know, has had an interesting effect on my life.  It seemed so new and fun, when I entered college and was still learning the ways of Facebook, to keep tabs on the people I went to school with– essentially what we coined now as creeping.  While some of it was innocent, I did develop a nasty habit of fixating on the people I didn’t much like, and I put a lot of time and energy into upsetting myself by reading these people’s posts and clicking through their pictures.  Since then I have made many FB purges, in an effort to rid myself of the negativity.  But within the past year it seemed much harder for me to gather my courage to either avoid or delete them completely.  I guess I can admit I was weak.  Maybe it is just a side effect of having so much information at our disposal?  Regardless, when I decided to work on these goals, I knew I wanted to clean up this aspect of my life.

Now, after two months, I am happy to report that I haven’t caved from #25 at all— so I’m crossing it off my friends!  Obviously this is an ever-present goal, and something I will always have to work at.  But I know this is a big step in learning to not concentrate on things that will only add negativity.  And most important of all, focusing on only the good stuff will help me gain much more confidence and faith in this wonderful life I lead.



  1. doesn’t it feel amazing when you can clean out the negativity!? I have a book reccomendation on my blog-you should check it out!
    Moms Who Shake

    1. Thanks for commenting, Cara!

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Good for you!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hehe thanks =)

  3. Great decision Dana….getting rid of negativity in your life, is always a plus!!

    1. Thanks Jayne! It feels really really good =)

  4. I need to work on this. kind of grateful you wrote a whole post to it. I definitely have those ‘hate pages’ of folks I’m not too fond of…but am still (for whatever reason) enamored with what they’re up to. sounds like I need a social media purge myself.

    1. Awww. I was a little worried to admit that I had a problem with it, obviously no one likes to own up to this kind of thing. But I’m found in my two months of being “clean” that I have been much happier without it. You should definitely consider it =)

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