Our Snowy Second


oursnowysecond2As you may have read, Ethan and I celebrated our second anniversary this weekend.  Two years of being married to my silly man sure has been interesting!  Friday he had off, so it was pretty nice to have a three day weekend before I jet off tomorrow for Missouri without him.  After doing our own things, we got dressed up to go downtown for steak dinners at one of Anchorage’s fancy places, which we’d never been to.  Although we bickered about where to park, we were smiling again once seated in a large booth in the dimly lit restaurant.  The meal wasn’t the greatest I’d ever had, which is sad considering the price we paid, but walking out of the restaurant to find that it was snowing was a little sweet and dare I say magical.  We stood on the street corner walking for the light to change and we couldn’t stop laughing.  Once again in the warmth of our car, we headed home…with the roads all snow swept and visibility low.

The snow continued to fall over night, so much so that we had several inches to deal with as we prepared for our day on Saturday!  Even though Ethan’s cotton gift for me still hasn’t arrived, I gave Ethan his…a nice poplin shirt from Everlane and two blue hued tees.  He donned the navy one for our outing.  Amazingly, our whole apartment complex seemed to still be asleep at a quarter to twelve, and we even beat the snow plows as we headed to our favorite sushi bar for lunch.  After sipping on warm soup and popping edamame beans, we feasted on our bento boxes until we could feast no more.  Before returning home to our Simon, who was pretty upset he wasn’t included on our car rides, we stopped at the store to pick up some movies for our viewing pleasure.  Then it was back to home where we snuggled with our furry baby and enjoyed the rest of our day tucked away from the snow and cold, sans computers.

Needless to say, I can’t wait to see what the coming year has to offer us!



  1. Happy Anniversary!! Two years?? How can that be??

    1. I don’t know, I don’t believe it myself! Thanks Jayne =)

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