Bachelorette Party Details

gardenpartyWe used slate and marble boards to display hors d’oeuvres on the large island.  For takeaways, we ordered lavender from Washington (we would have gone local, but they were all sold out!) and filled cotton muslin bags that I’d stamped with this handmade state stamp.  We put a tiny stitch at the top to ensure no spillage in dresser drawers.  I love this small & large cake stand when I saw them on BHLDN.  I tracked down the same exact design at Sweet and Saucy Supply.  My mom had crocks lying around for our tulips, but I like the little “3” on the face of this crock pot.  This watercolor print invitation sure evoked spring even before the daffodils began to bloom!  This mulberry bark paper was a special choice for the “Words of Wisdom” velvet book we put together as a keepsake for Amanda.  Love that it is made in Poland!

Here are the love quotes that inspired my various designs.


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